UNISOC Benefits

With UNISOC benefits you get a complete and full-featured solution with the latest technologies in the 5G mobile network. UNISOC has developed and commercialized a range of 5G modules and terminals, as well as a new generation low-power design architecture. It has also set up a technical support office and a research centre to help companies and researchers to implement UNISOC’s advanced technologies.

UNISOC’s new generation low-power design architecture

UNISOC, a leading global provider of chipsets, has announced the launch of its new generation low-power design architecture. The design architecture is expected to offer leading power consumption advantages. It is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for the development of 5G IoT solutions. This solution can be used in various vertical industries, such as smart homes, industrial automation and transportation.

Unisoc’s 5G IoT solution supports FDD+TDD and Sub-6GHz spectra. Moreover, it also provides higher communication bandwidth and storage capacity. Compared to the previous generation, it has ten times higher bandwidth and 20 times higher storage capacity.

UNISOC’s T7520 is the world’s first mobile application SoC processor. Featuring Full Dynamic technology from UNISOC, the chip has greatly improved multimedia image processing capabilities. Moreover, its NPU offers excellent energy efficiency.

AI-based intelligent regulation technology

UNISOC is a leading global supplier of mobile communications chipsets, and is well on its way to becoming a leader in the emerging IoT space. During its Spring Online Press Conference, the company highlighted its plans to capitalize on the 5G era.

The company recently announced an agreement with Imagination Technologies, a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This licensing deal will see UNISOC use Imagination’s Series3NX NNA in its future SoCs. Previously, UNISOC integrated the Series2NX AI core into its mobile platform.

Several other applications of AI are still in the early stages. For example, in the healthcare industry, there are many nascent uses for AI. Examples of these include automated patient tracking and diagnosis, and recommending court penalties.

In addition, the company is also taking steps to support its customers’ digital transformation needs. They are adopting a new-generation low-power design architecture to deliver a number of advantages.

UNISOC’s 5G modules and terminals have been commercially implemented

UNISOC is one of the leading global suppliers of mobile communications chipsets. The company has developed a 5G chip solution which has been commercially implemented. The solution supports a wide range of 5G terminal forms. Its new generation low-power design architecture provides leading power consumption advantages.

In February 2019, Unisoc unveiled its first commercially deployed 5G modem. The modem uses the Sub-6GHz frequency band and supports 2G through 5G networks. It adopts AI-based power regulation technology to reduce power consumption. Other features include uplink and downlink decoupling. This is an important feature that will help enhance the power of the Internet of Things.

UNISOC’s 5G IoT solution supports different types of terminals. It also offers a wide temperature range. Moreover, the solution supports a variety of vertical industries.

UNISOC’s flagship Tiger T610 chip is featured in Honor’s budget Play 5T and Changwan 20 phones

Unisoc is a Chinese company that is rapidly evolving as a new powerhouse in the mobile processor market. It’s known for making SoCs that aren’t just good at one thing. These chips are capable of competing with the best in the business.

Earlier in the year, the Tiger T610 was announced. It’s an octa-core SoC manufactured at TSMC in 12nm FinFET. The chip also includes ARM’s Mali G52 MP2 GPU at 614 MHz. Moreover, it features 6x Cortex-A55 Energy Saving Cores. Unisoc has also integrated a tri-core ISP and an LTE modem.

Unisoc’s T610 has a dual-camera setup, and a 5MP AI lens. It also has 2MP depth sensor. However, it lacks a fingerprint scanner.

The Unisoc T610 is also featured in Honor’s budget Play 5T and Changwan 20 phones. They are available for pre-sale in China from April 30. As for pricing, they start at CNY899 ($138).

UNISOC’s research centres and technical support offices

UNISOC is one of the world’s leading suppliers of communication chips and solutions. Its products range from AI chips and industrial electronics to baseband chips and mobile chip technology. With over 4,500 employees worldwide, UNISOC offers its customers a broad range of wireless standards, and enables them to design custom wireless solutions.

Unisoc has a worldwide R&D network that includes more than 15 centres. 90% of its employees are R&D personnel. The company’s R&D is focused on core chipsets for mobile communications.

In addition to chipsets, UNISOC also develops intelligent services that can help customers with their connectivity. It offers access to 5G and artificial intelligence technologies, and helps customers with their IoT applications. This is done through its IVY brand. UNISOC’s solutions are based on an open development platform.