Top Pre-Employment Testing Tools

There are many different Pre-Employment Testing Tools available. These tools can be used for any type of job, and some can even integrate with an applicant tracking system or skills testing tool. These tools can help you to evaluate the skills of job candidates and make sure they are up to par with industry standards.


TestGorilla’s suite of pre-employment testing tools is designed to help you screen and evaluate candidates based on their skills and experience. It includes coding, digital marketing, and problem-solving tests. Its customizable questions and videos can also help you understand how candidates think. All tests are free of charge, and you don’t need an account to use them.

TestGorilla also allows you to customize the tests to assess different aspects of an applicant’s experience and skill level. For example, you can create a video interview feature and add questions that will help you screen potential candidates. TestGorilla also supports various languages and skill levels, and integrates with most applicant tracking systems.

TestGorilla’s software lets you use its fullscreen mode to monitor the progress of a candidate’s test. During the assessment, the software takes snapshots of the candidate to keep track of their performance. In addition, it allows you to turn on the speakers for audio questions.

TestGorilla offers a free plan for limited use, and a paid plan for larger organizations. The free plan gives you unlimited free tests, and the paid plans are cheaper for larger organizations. They have two plans for you to choose from: a monthly subscription plan for 125 assessment credits or a one-year subscription for unlimited assessments. In addition, you can sign up for a business plan with 24×7 customer support and tailored onboarding.

If you’re not sure which pre-employment testing tools to use, consider using the TestGorilla Test Library. It will show you which types of tests will be most effective for the role you are looking to fill. You can also browse through the library to find more tests that fit your company’s needs.


Pymetrics pre-employment testing tools are designed to help you find the right fit between your company and its candidates. The core assessment is designed to measure different abilities while keeping the candidate focused and engaged throughout. The resulting data is then used to create cross-validated role and company profiles. The company also develops predictive models to help companies better understand and screen candidates.

Pymetrics uses a cloud-based examination platform to provide employers with comprehensive candidate and employee performance analysis. Its innovative technology allows users to compare results of job applicants to those of other clients. It also allows employers to see how each candidate performs during the testing process and helps them sort candidates based on their skills and job requirements.

Pymetrics was founded by PhDs from MIT and Harvard. They use behavioral science and audited AI technology to create a new approach to pre-employment screening. The system is easy to use and offers a highly immersive environment for analyzing candidates. Its interface resembles those of popular brain training apps. The assessment itself is not structured like a traditional testing process, and users can share the video interviews and responses with others. The software also allows users to integrate Pymetrics with their existing ATS.

The game-based assessments by Pymetrics measure key values, which requires candidates to be highly focused during the tests. Pymetrics also offers practice game assessments to prepare for the interview process. Candidates can practice the games to get comfortable with the environment and how to answer questions. This allows them to refine their interview technique and prepare for future interview questions.

Criteria Corp

Criteria Corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles, California, developed and launched HireSelect online pre-employment testing tools in 2006. The company has since attracted thousands of clients in all 50 states and 18 countries worldwide. Its pre-employment testing tools measure a range of candidate attributes, including personality traits and basic skills. The tools are easy to use, and most can be administered without any training.

The first two tools developed by Criteria Corporation measure personality traits and work preferences. It also has tests that measure customer service and sales skills. While this may sound like a great way to screen candidates, it can also be difficult to gauge how individuals will perform in these different roles. However, smart recruiters can make use of this information to help them make better hiring decisions.

The second tool is an online testing platform. With the help of this tool, companies can make better hiring decisions with ease. The software can be customized to the company’s needs. Moreover, it includes different types of pre-employment tests, including aptitude tests, personality tests, and skills tests. The company also provides an extensive library of test questions, and even lets companies build their own tests. The company also runs a marketplace for online pre-employment testing, which allows test publishers to sell their tests. The company also helps companies find developers. Its testing tools include real-world tasks, and the company can customize its plans.

When choosing the pre-employment testing tool, keep in mind that it’s often the first contact that candidates have with your company. Therefore, make sure it reflects your company’s brand image. For example, if your company is a travel technology startup, you don’t want to use a testing tool that is outdated or unfriendly.


Vervoe’s Pre-Employment Testing Tools are a powerful platform for skills assessment. Users can choose from a library of questions and create their own custom assessments based on company needs. Users can also use the Expert Assessment Library, which contains questions designed by experts with at least three years of experience. This library of questions features skill tests from a variety of industries. Users can preview questions from these assessments and add them seamlessly to their own assessments.

In addition to assessing hard skills and cognitive ability, Vervoe’s Pre-Employment Testing Tools offer behavioral and learning agility tests. While these tools do not cover every skill or ability needed in every position, they’re designed for employers looking for a well-rounded candidate. Using a matching framework, they also provide a way to see if candidates have the characteristics necessary for the position.

Pre-Employment Testing Tools provide invaluable data, which can be used to improve training and orientation processes for new employees. This is especially valuable for technical positions, where the wrong hire can cost you as much as an employee’s annual salary. Moreover, the data collected by these tests can be used to evaluate future performance.

Qualified is a comprehensive pre-employment testing software that has automated testing tools. It has over 2,500 skills tests. In addition to providing a question bank, it also includes a video interviewing feature. Furthermore, the software also includes a range of other features such as an email invitation system and multi-language interfaces.


Indeed’s pre-employment testing tools provide a variety of services for employers. The company may also use these tools for screening candidates. They are offered at a cost. Using these services, employers can evaluate a potential employee’s fit for a particular job. While this process is not always straightforward, Indeed provides a range of tools that help employers identify the best candidates.

Indeed Assessments offers a wide variety of tests, covering a wide variety of industries. They include real-life simulations, allowing you to evaluate a candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks. Furthermore, Indeed Assessments is mobile-friendly, so you can use it on the go. It also features a recommendation engine that suggests the best test for each position. It offers more than 50 pre-written tests and allows you to create custom tests.

In addition to the free assessments, employers can also purchase customized screening options that allow employers to send tests to all candidates. Indeed will also list their scores on resumes, making it easy to track who’s qualified for the job. Indeed also offers paid and free options for advertising on their site. Some users choose to pay for ad placements to boost their listings.

Another difference between Indeed and ZipRecruiter lies in their pricing. Indeed offers a free trial. ZipRecruiter’s pre-employment testing tools are essentially similar, but Indeed provides more tests and screening questions. Indeed has no limit on the number of job opportunities listed on its site, while ZipRecruiter offers a limited number of job listings. Furthermore, Indeed has more resumes than ZipRecruiter, which only has a 32 million pool. Furthermore, it’s a global job listing site, which means there’s more scope for candidates.

While Indeed offers a wide range of tests to employers, these are not always legal. This means that employers must be careful when choosing which assessment is right for their company. Using a skill test that isn’t aligned with the job requirements can result in inaccurate results and even legal ramifications. With over 100 assessments on the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one for your specific needs.