SK Bioscience Benefits For Employees

SK Bioscience is a South Korean pharmaceutical company. Its success stories include SKYCovione, a domestically developed COVID-19 vaccine, SK Cellflu, Korea’s only cell-culture derived quadrivalent flu vaccine and SK Zorro, a WHO prequalified varicella vaccine.

The company also seeks to expand its business through M&A and JV activities. Besides, it offers various benefits to attract new employees.

Health Benefits

SK bioscience is committed to global pandemic preparedness in vaccine development and manufacturing to ensure equitable access to vaccines. This includes collaborations with domestic and international partners, including regulatory agencies, healthcare providers, doctors, and medical experts. In addition, SK bioscience offers a range of health benefits for its employees.

The company’s Andong plant produces COVID-19 vaccines developed by AstraZeneca Plc and Novavax Inc, and has been certified to meet European Union Good Manufacturing Practice standards. This certification is essential for accelerating its growth in Europe and the United States, where compliance with rigorous international standards is crucial. The LIMS helps the company comply with these regulations by ensuring data integrity and providing enhanced productivity. The system also allows the company to automate processes and improve communication between departments. Moreover, it allows the company to manage risks and minimize the impact of potential hazards. This is particularly important in the field of vaccine production, where risk factors must be identified and removed to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Flexible Working Hours

SK bioscience operates a flexible working hours system for employees to manage their work schedules on their own and consult with their managers throughout the year. Moreover, it supports the work-life balance of its employees by operating an incentive system that rewards performance.

The facility is equipped with BSL-3 level research facilities, which are essential for developing vaccines against new infectious diseases and advancing them to the clinic. It will also serve as a key platform for SK bioscience’s ‘Glocalization’ business, a project to transfer R&D capacity to countries that lack manpower and research facilities.

To ensure the safety of workers, SK bioscience regularly holds SHE (Safety and Health) joint inspections involving each team leader to discover risk factors at workplaces and take preventive measures. It also listens to workers’ opinions on changes to major safety and health regulations. SK bioscience is committed to improving working conditions in order to improve employee wellbeing. It will continue to create and operate various systems to safeguard its employees’ physical and mental health.

401(k) Plan

A 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement savings arrangement that allows employees to have a portion of their salary withheld from each paycheck and invested on their behalf. Many employers may also match the employee’s contributions. This type of plan allows people to save money for their retirement through tax-deductible contributions.

Income taxes on pre-tax contributions and investment earnings are deferred until they are withdrawn, which takes place in retirement when tax rates are typically lower. Furthermore, 401(k) plans usually have some protection against federal tax liens, which are government claims on assets with unpaid back taxes.

It is important to consider the fees charged by a 401(k) plan when choosing an investment option. It is also helpful to review the performance of your 401(k) account periodically. This can help you compare your current options with alternatives that might suit your needs better. Novavax shares rose almost 7% after the news that South Korea’s SK bioscience would manufacture a component of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine to boost supply.

Paid Time Off

SK bioscience provides employees with paid time off to participate in volunteer activities and professional development. The company also supports the work-life balance of its staff by providing flexible working hours.

GBP510 is a frontrunner in the Wave 2 vaccine programme run by CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, which was established at Davos in 2017 to develop vaccines to stop future pandemics. The vaccine will be available globally if it proves safe and effective in phase 3 trials.

SK bioscience also plans to operate the Open Lab in the R&D center to strengthen its global vaccine network by providing manpower training and technology transfer for other countries which have high demand but low research capacity. This is one of the main goals of the ‘Glocalization’ business, which is expected to be a major growth strategy for SK bioscience in the future.