Mileway Benefits As a Player in the European Logistics Real Estate Market

Mileway is Europe’s largest owner of last-mile logistics real estate, providing strategically located distribution warehouses close to urban areas. With a focus on sustainability, flexibility and innovation, Mileway has established itself as a key player in the European logistics landscape.

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Flexible Solutions

With a diverse portfolio of warehouses and distribution centers strategically located across Europe, Mileway provides flexible solutions for businesses to scale their operations seamlessly. In addition, their dedication to sustainability initiatives and customer-centric approach help them build strong relationships with clients and form enduring partnerships. Mileway also leverages technological advancements to enhance the performance and security of their properties.

As a result, they have built Europe’s largest last mile logistics portfolio of over 1,700 high-quality assets totaling 14.7 million square meters. In line with their commitment to excellence, Blackstone has entered into an agreement to recapitalize Mileway alongside existing investors in a transaction that is subject to a “go-shop” process to be initiated immediately. This transaction represents an exceptional value for Blackstone real estate investors and enables electing investors to maintain long term exposure to one of the firm’s highest conviction themes. This is an exciting opportunity to participate in the continued growth and success of this leading European logistics real estate company.

Sustainability Initiatives

With a dedication to sustainability initiatives, Mileway aims to improve the environment through energy-efficient technologies and reducing carbon footprints. They also promote eco-friendly designs within their properties. In addition, the company strategically chooses locations to ensure optimal connectivity with major transportation networks and key urban areas. This enhances the efficiency of logistics operations for their clients. Furthermore, the company takes a customer-centric approach by building strong and long-term relationships and tailoring its services to meet individual business requirements effectively.

Additionally, Mileway leverages technological advancements to stay at the forefront of the logistics industry. Their commitment to sustainability, flexibility, and innovation makes them a key player in the European logistics real estate landscape. With strategic locations, a diverse clientele, and an unwavering focus on excellence, the company is poised to continue its journey of remarkable growth and expansion.

Strategic Locations

Mileway offers warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial properties strategically located in key logistics hubs throughout Europe. Their commitment to sustainability, flexibility, and innovation has solidified their position as a vital player in the European logistics real estate landscape. Mileway’s collaborations with various partners, including logistics providers and technology firms, enable them to keep abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the industry.

Unlike the crowded e-commerce markets in central London, which demand enormous premiums for logistics space, Mileway’s properties in the outskirts of London offer companies affordable locations with access to the capital’s large and diverse population. Their network also includes locations with excellent transport links, such as the 117-mile M25, which encircles much of Greater London.

Mileway is currently working with EcoReal on eleven new energy renovation projects, which are expected to be completed by 2022. This work is part of a wider effort to increase efficiency and lower costs for all Mileway sites.

Customer-Centric Approach

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Mileway offers flexible solutions for businesses with varying needs. Their diverse portfolio of warehouses and distribution centers are strategically located in Europe to allow businesses to scale their operations seamlessly. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation allows them to meet the growing demands of their clients. They also promote environmentally responsible practices through energy-efficient technologies and eco-friendly designs in their properties.

Moreover, they collaborate with logistics providers, technology firms, and sustainability experts to continuously improve and innovate their products and services. This approach enables them to provide their clients with the best logistics and industrial real estate services in Europe. Their dedication to customer satisfaction fosters enduring partnerships and positions them as a vital logistics player in the European logistics landscape.