Mighty Patch Benefits

The mighty patch is a hydrocolloid acne pimple patch that works by drawing out liquid and pus from specific types of pimples. Over time, this lessens their appearance and keeps them from forming scars.

Originally invented to treat wounds, hydrocolloids absorb fluid and other irritants without drying the skin surrounding them. This helps speed wound healing.

Clearer Skin

The original award-winning mighty patch is a hydrocolloid sticker that visibly flattens pimples overnight, no popping required. You can also use it after micropoint for blemishes has brought the pimple to a head to effortlessly pull the pus out of the whitehead and speed up healing.

Dermatologist-approved and allergy tested, Mighty Patch is formulated for all skin types. It uses premium-grade hydrocolloid to absorb fluids and promote healing, and is safe to use on sensitive skin.

You can use mighty patch on all acne blemishes, but it’s best for mature whiteheads and pimples that have come to a head because those are the blemishes that have a greater chance of forming scars.

Unlike a pore strip, Mighty Patch is made of a hydrocolloid, a naturally fluid-absorbing gel pad that traps oil and pimple gunk like a sponge. It also does not irritate or dry out your skin.

Reduced Redness

If you’ve ever experienced a breakout and wanted a quick and easy solution to hide the redness, this mighty patch from Hero Cosmetics is perfect for you. This hydrocolloid stick is drug-free, naturally absorbs the gunk from your pimple overnight (no popping required), and helps you wake up to clearer skin.

It’s a simple formula that absorbs all the water and fluid from whiteheads (aka the most common type of zit). The main ingredient is medical-grade hydrocolloid, which effortlessly sucks out the pus while you sleep, leaving your skin clearer and less inflamed in the morning.

The only thing you’ll need to apply it is a clean blemish and a few minutes of your time. Then you’re ready to go!

The original mighty patch from Hero Cosmetics is a bestselling product, but the brand has also released a variety of adjacent products to address your various acne concerns. For example, it’s got a nose patch that’s made to tackle your nose’s biggest blemishes and blackheads with its premium medical-grade hydrocolloid.

Reduced Inflammation

When inflammation becomes chronic, it can silently damage tissue and trigger a host of health problems. These include asthma, leaky gut, allergies, autoimmune disease, heart disease and cancer.

Thankfully, there are natural supplements that help reduce inflammation. They can work with your body to prevent long-term inflammation, or they can provide you with a targeted dose of anti-inflammatory botanicals that address specific concerns.

For example, if you’re looking to take control of your acne and breakouts, Mighty Patch Micropoint for Blemishes is an early-stage pimple patch that halts whiteheads in their tracks before they have a chance to fully manifest on your skin. It’s formulated with 173 hyaluronic acid Micropoints that deliver reparative salicylic acid, antibacterial Totarol, skin-soothing beta-glucan, and moisturizer sodium hyaluronate.

Mighty Patch Face is a five-pack of stickers that covers the T-zone (nose, forehead, and cheeks), as well as hard-to-reach spots like between your brows. It’s formulated with the same hydrocolloid formula that makes Mighty Patch The Original so effective.

No More Blemishes

A pimple patch works by using hydrocolloid, a sticky gel substance, to absorb excess fluids (in this case, pus and gunk) without drying out the skin.

This helps speed healing and reduce inflammation while also maintaining moisture. And, it can help to prevent bacteria from growing in an inflamed blemish.

OG Mighty Patch users say that these patches are significantly faster-working than traditional zit cream, naturally extracting pimples to let your skin’s natural healing take over. It also helps to stop you from picking or popping your pimples, which can cause further irritation and damage.

The newest addition to Hero Cosmetics’ mighty patch line is Mighty Patch Surface, which is long and rectangular and designed to cover large surface area breakouts. It’s not only for your face, though; it can also be used on your chest and back.