LogicMonitor Benefits From a Distributed Infrastructure Platform

LogicMonitor offers a massive monitoring integration catalog that allows for immediate connection with hardware and technologies. The solution also provides excellent product support.

A unified platform experience improves consistency and adaptability, reduces tool sprawl and reduces data complexity. This is important for effective troubleshooting and reduced MTTR.

LogicMonitor also features advanced alerting capabilities. Admins can create different escalation chains for various types of alerts.


LogicMonitor offers a 14-day free trial, which is more than enough time to test the product out on a small portion of your business environment. The solution also comes equipped with a full range of features that help you monitor large scale networks and application infrastructure.

The platform also provides a unified experience that helps reduce tool sprawl and data complexity. It has a slew of integration options and can automatically detect devices on the network. Additionally, it has the ability to track performance indicators across multiple resources and identify patterns.

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring system that helps people in charge of networks, servers, databases, and data hubs quickly troubleshoot issues. Its scalability and automation capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses that need to monitor many different devices. Moreover, it ensures that the right team members receive the most important alerts. This helps improve productivity and reduce MTTR. The system also enables users to customize their dashboards and create custom reports.


LogicMonitor’s platform is designed to help IT teams manage their distributed infrastructure, while reducing tool sprawl and data complexity. It offers comprehensive monitoring, built-in intelligence and automation to address today’s distributed infrastructure challenges. The software was created for people who are responsible for managing networks, servers, cloud storage, and other IT systems. It allows them to monitor these systems from a single dashboard, and customize alerts to fit their unique requirements.

Logicmonitor provides security measures that guarantee the privacy and safety of their customers’ information. They encrypt all data that passes through their network using AES 256. They also assign sensitivity levels to all client device data that they receive. This includes LM Logs, LM Config files, and network traffic data.

LogicMonitor supports a wide range of devices and technologies. Their support team is available via online chat, email and phone. Users have reported that their interactions with the support team are prompt and professional. They have a comprehensive knowledge base and training materials to answer your questions.


The platform offers granular data monitoring of network devices, servers, physical and cloud data centers, and applications. It also allows users to track performance metrics, configure alerts, and view real-time dashboards from a single pane of glass. Its cloud-based infrastructure delivers critical visibility into the entire IT environment and empowers teams to focus less on troubleshooting and more on innovation.

LogicMonitor also features advanced digital experience monitoring, allowing customers to monitor website availability, speed, and security across multiple geographic locations. The solution enables them to collect Netflow, J-Flow, and sFlow data to understand infrastructure and application performance. It also allows them to deploy and manage network device configurations and correlate changes with performance impacts.

LogicMonitor also features an expert-curated set of tech companies in 1 Expert Collection, enabling them to provide a unique and unified platform experience. Their robust monitoring capabilities, deep integrations and advanced ML allow them to provide unmatched observability for the modern IT infrastructure.


LogicMonitor’s integrations are woven tightly into its overall platform experience, making it easier for users to connect with their devices and technologies. For example, LogicMonitor’s VMware vSphere monitoring allows users to monitor ESXi hosts and mission-critical virtual machines automatically. This eliminates manual processes, reduces risk and delivers a faster MTTR for digital experiences.

Logicmonitor also integrates with automation tools like Ansible to streamline deployment and improve monitoring accuracy. This enables IT teams to automate playbooks for new infrastructure and software updates. This ensures that all devices and services are thoroughly monitored as they are moved into production. Alerts from QA and development systems are not escalated to on-call staff members, and a full audit of all change actions is recorded in a central repository.

LogicMonitor’s operational infrastructure is a multitenant architecture with three service centers spread out geographically. This ensures that data footprints are logically and physically separate from other customers’, which mitigates the risk of a security breach.