How OnlyFans Benefits Creators

OnlyFans allows creators to share a variety of content with their followers. This platform is popular with models, actors, physical fitness experts and influencers, as well as sex workers.

It also became an increasingly popular tool for predators looking to scout young performers. It can be accessed by anyone with internet access and a credit card.

Streaming Platform

With a live stream on your OnlyFans profile, fans can watch and interact with you in real time. Streams can include audio and video clips, Q&As with fans, and even full concerts.

Create a poll to ask fans for feedback on a specific topic or question, like what song should be the next single from your album. Polls must comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

OnlyFans offers a fully-featured monetization platform for creators who want to turn their content into a sustainable business. Creators can use PPV (pay per view) on messages, posts, and streams to earn money from their community.

Creators can also use the fundraising feature on their profiles to support their favorite charitable cause. Fans can then donate directly to their selected cause from within the app. The Top Fans feature recognizes your most loyal subscribers and rewards them with exclusive content. Organize your fans into lists to target them for messaging, promotions and live streams.


Subscriptions are a great way to support the creators you love and see their content regularly. The platform supports a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe and credit cards. Creators don’t have access to your credit card information and you can easily view subscription data from their profiles through the Statistics page.

Your subscriber tiers are private to you and your fans. You can set up as many tiers as you’d like and control what kind of content each one can access. You can also offer a la carte content, merch or ticket pre-sales.

Members can show their appreciation to creators by tipping them on streams, posts, DMs or from their profile. They can even send a gift card to a friend. This is a great way to build a community and foster a sense of support for your favorite creators! You can change your tipping settings on the left pane of your profile.


Community experiences are a great complement to consumable content, as they allow fans to connect more deeply with you, their fellow fans, or their favorite creators. They can take many forms, from meet-and-greets to community forums to live stream hangouts and “ask me anything” posts.

Fan communities have been found to be a positive social outlet for both women and men. These communities are also a place for people to find accountability partners or just support from people who share their love of the same thing.

After you’ve added your credit card information, verified your account, and set your subscription price, you can get started. You’ll be able to view your display name, username, profile, bookmarks, lists, settings, cards, and bank info from the menu. You’ll also have the option to enable dark mode and log out. You can create an account for free, but to earn money you must have a prepaid Visa card (US only). To get started with your creations, select “Edit Page” in the menu.

Gift Cards

If you have a friend who watches every single game, has team-specific koozies and hats, carpets in their house that match their teams colors and puts up a giant team flag in their backyard, they are probably one of those die hard fans. These are the kind of friends that you need to treat well, and a gift card for livestreaming on our platform is a great way to do it!

Our gift cards can be purchased online and delivered to your fan via email. They will contain a unique code that can be used during checkout on your website. They can also be used to buy merch from your store, and the balance can be checked online. Adding the gift card option to your store is easy to do on the Pro plan, and it’s a great way to help support your fans in tangible ways. You can see the status of all your gift cards in the Selling Tools dashboard, and adjust the remaining balance for any purchased item.