Hogar Controls Benefits Homeowners, Retailers and Professional Integrators

Hogar controls offers smart home solutions that are innovative, intuitive and stylish. Their products combine cutting-edge technology with design thinking to simplify life for homeowners, retailers and professional integrators.

Their flagship HC Pro is a compact hub that uses Z-Wave plus, Zigbee and WiFi to connect your smart devices. It’s easy to set up and use through their smart home app.

Easy to Install

Hogar’s smart home products are easy to install in new projects and retrofitted into existing homes. All Hogar products work with the popular Z-Wave smart home wireless protocol and support a variety of other connectivity options.

With HC Pro, you can control devices certified by Z-Wave and Zigbee, including thermostats, IR controllers, video doorbells, sensors and locks. You can also monitor, assign rules and get alerts from the app.

Using robust encryption algorithms, Hogar’s passwords are extremely secure. We use one-way hashing and other protocols to protect your data and privacy. Moreover, you can control all your devices with just a few taps from any device with the mobile app.

Easy to Manage

Hogar Controls offers a complete smart home solution with Wi-Fi-enabled products that are easy to manage and use secure wireless protocols. Their products can be accessed remotely using an app or voice command with Google Assistant and Alexa. They also come with retrofit designs, making them a perfect option for older homes.

The company’s touch panel series is designed with a retrofit design, allowing them to be installed into an existing traditional switchboard without requiring any wiring or remodeling. These touch panels can be programmed to work with a variety of devices and support Z-Wave or Zigbee for wireless compatibility. They allow users to control their entire home or building with just a single app through a simple, beautiful interface.

Easy to Monitor

Hogar Controls’ line of sleek smart products combines cutting-edge technology with design thinking to offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrators stylish solutions that afford user-friendly control. Their product portfolio includes Wi-Fi-enabled smart touch panels, sensors, a gateway and Milo, a voice-enabled speaker that’s designed to serve as an endpoint for integrating voice controls with any smart home ecosystem.

The company offers a powerful dealer toolkit called HC Pro, which is configured to connect to either Z-Wave or Zigbee devices and allows for seamless integration. Their devices also support a wide range of third-party apps for complete monitoring and control of connected devices. Moreover, they are compatible with the most popular smart home ecosystems.

Easy to Assign Rules

Hogar’s smart home products have a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to create smart scenes. They also work with Zigbee, Z-wave and Wi-Fi, allowing homeowners to choose the best wireless protocol for their needs.

The company’s line of sleek, modern smart devices offers homeowners, retailers and professional integrators stylish solutions that afford user-friendly control. Unlike many competitors, their products use secure wireless protocols like Zigbee and Z Wave Plus.

Working at Hogar Controls is a great experience, with an excellent work-life balance and good salary. It is also known for its transparent culture and supportive leadership. Learn more about the company’s benefits and compensation by reading reviews from current and past employees on AmbitionBox.

Easy to Add Devices

Hogar’s smart products offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrators stylish solutions that afford user-friendly control. They combine cutting-edge technology with design thinking and are designed as retrofit plug-and-play solutions.

Hogar Controls’ Gold and Silver Smart Touch Panels are equipped with programmable touch, tap or finger swipe (dimmer only) buttons that can activate a wide range of commands. These switches can also be used to activate scenes that engage multiple smart devices, including shades, sensors, security, climate and more.

Moreover, these intelligent controls can be easily integrated with a world-class smart hub – Turbo or Bolt to achieve seamless connectivity and faster processing amongst smart devices. Over-The-Air firmware updates ensure your system is always up-to-date.

Easy to Update

Hogar Controls uses next generation Z-Wave Plus technology (aka Gen5), Zigbee and WiFi to create a single home controller that connects and controls devices like thermostats, lights, IR Controllers, sensors and more. HC Pro is easy to monitor, set rules and control through its intuitive app.

Integrators can easily install the stylish Prima touch switch panel in a matter of minutes per location and use programmable 3D touch buttons to activate scenes or one-off device actions. Over-the-Air firmware updates ensure you are always using the latest security features and functionality. A robust encryption algorithm prevents passwords from being compromised. This is a huge advantage over other systems that may require expensive hardware to upgrade.