Healthy Snack Surprise Benefits for Your Employees

Providing healthy snacks for your employees is a great way to promote wellness and boost employee satisfaction. It also improves office productivity and can decrease sick leaves.

When choosing a snack subscription, consider your goals and preferences. You’ll want a service with a variety of snacks and a convenient delivery option.

Boosts Productivity

Snacking is a habit that we all need. Without it, our brains and bodies don’t have the energy they need to keep us going.

Most of us experience an afternoon slump – a dip in our blood glucose levels, which affects our ability to focus and perform at our best. Healthy office snacks provide the nutrients required to counter this.

In turn, happier employees boost productivity as they are more cooperative, creative and quick-thinking.

When a company provides their workers with free snacks, it sends a clear message that they care about their employees. It also improves employee morale and helps them stay motivated at work.

Providing snacks at work not only encourages your team to take regular breaks in the breakroom, but it can also foster connections between different departments and verticals. In fact, studies have shown that employees who regularly spend time in the breakroom (especially away from their desks) are more productive than those who don’t.

Brings the Team Together

When an employer shows that they care about their team members’ wellbeing by bringing healthy snacks to work, it sends a strong message. It boosts morale, bolsters productivity, and helps them stay happy in the workplace.

Sharing food has long been a great way for people to bond and connect, and it’s no different today. Introducing new snack options that are tailored to your team’s dietary needs will also encourage social interaction and create a sense of community in the office.

Snack surprise benefits also help employees feel welcomed, which can be especially important if they have dietary restrictions or are undergoing a health scare. Employees who have a gluten intolerance, for example, can be left out of pizza days and business lunches, so this benefit offers them an opportunity to interact with others who share their interests in good food. It shows that they’re valued in the office, and it builds a foundation for excellent team relationships that will last for years to come.

Encourages Collaboration

The ritual of sharing food has long been a way to connect, communicate, and cultivate deep familial and cultural bonds. Today, this social bonding is still a key way to foster collaboration in the workplace.

When your team is stocked with a variety of tasty healthy snacks, they will have an easier time interacting with each other during lunch breaks and at meetings. Not to mention, they’ll have a better chance of avoiding the afternoon slump that affects 56% of full-time workers.

This perk also goes a step further by sending the message that you care about your employees’ health and well-being. Not to mention, it is a fun and budget-friendly way to keep them happy in the office!

Another big draw is that a portion of the revenue earned by your company will go to help those less fortunate. For instance, SnackNation donates a month’s worth of multi-nutrient packs to hungry children for every healthy snack delivery made.

Keeps Employees Happy

A surprising number of employees have been surveyed and found that the presence of food in an office has a huge impact on their overall satisfaction. Providing snacks to employees, especially free snacking options, sends a clear message that you place a strong emphasis on workplace culture and employee happiness.

Snacks also provide a vital source of energy for your staff. It has been proven that employees who are regularly fed are much more productive than those who are famished throughout the day.

This is particularly true in the office where people have to sit for long periods of time. Having healthy food options in the break room is critical to making sure your team never goes hungry.

Whether you choose to pay for the snacks yourself or sign up for a healthy snack delivery service, your employees will feel valued and appreciated. This is a great perk that will make your employees smile, and may even help you attract new talent!