Glowday Benefits For the Classroom

Creating a glow day classroom transformation is a fun way to engage your students and teach a variety of content in a creative way. The glowday planning pack includes editable templates, game ideas and other tips to get you started!

For this particular glow day, we were teaching about evaluating expressions using the order of operations. To do this, we set up 4 stations that were paired with games to reinforce the concept.

1. Boosts Self-Esteem

A glow day is a fun way to get your students excited about learning. It also gives them a chance to build their self-esteem as they try out new things and learn about their bodies. Glowday benefits are a great way to build student confidence and boost their morale, which will help them be better learners and improve their grades.

To start off, print out the glow day banner in the Glow Day Pack and hang it on your classroom door or wall to welcome your students into the room. You could even add a few extra elements like stickers and a magnet for added excitement! Other glow day classroom activities include building a number line, playing tic-tac-toe, and ball toss. If you’re a science teacher, you could even do some space-themed lessons with this theme. You could even create a class mural that depicts the different constellations. You can find more glow day ideas in the Glow Day Pack!

2. Encourages Teamwork

Glow Day is a great time to encourage teamwork in the classroom. To make it extra special, send a glowday wristband home with your students and give them a chance to dress up for the occasion. Wearing white clothing works best for this special occasion since the black lights will pop it out the most. Then hang the glowday banner in the classroom to help everyone know it’s Glow Day!

Another way to get your students excited about Glow Day is by playing a few carnival games in the classroom. A tic-tac-toe grid can be drawn on the wall or desk using blacklight tape and the glow sticks, or a ball toss game can be played using neon plastic cups with ping pong balls. Students can also toss glow necklaces in the shape of rings onto cones, or water bottles to practice their carnival game skills. The possibilities are endless with these activities! And don’t forget to share your ideas in the comments below!

3. Enhances Confidence

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4. Creates a Fun Environment

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To make glow day a success, start by preparing the classroom. You can cover your classroom walls with black butcher paper or tablecloths to block out outside light sources and ensure that students will have the most fun possible on glow day. Hanging a glow day banner in your hallway or on your door is another easy way to get everyone excited about the upcoming event. You can also send glow day information home with your students, and they can plan their perfect outfits for the day.