Fairmoney Review – What Are Fairmoney Benefits?

Fairmoney is a credit-led digital bank that believes premium banking should be available to everyone. They are on a mission to level the playing field for Nigerians, ensuring that those who need it most get access to top-tier digital banking services.

The platform offers personal loans for individuals to meet their financial goals and is open to all salary earners, non-salary earners, entrepreneurs and petty traders in Nigeria.

Free Secure Debit Card

Fairmoney benefits include a free bank account that works just like a normal banking app with added features. It also gives you a Mastercard debit card to make offline and online transactions with.

It also has the FairSave and FairLock money-saving plans that give you 10% and 18% annual interest rates respectively. The debit card is valid worldwide, offers a vast free ATM network and has fee-free cash reload options.

Other benefits offered by the bank include 3% discount on airtime and data purchase, as well as a wide range of bill payments like electricity and cable TV subscriptions. The card is also secure and easy to use.

3% Discount on Airtime & Data Purchase

Fairmoney benefits include a free current account with 30 free transfers monthly, a debit card and 3% discount on airtime and data purchase. The company also offers a credit score improvement program that boosts borrowers’ credit scores and allows them to borrow larger amounts in the future.

Users can use the app to make payments and transfer funds, as well as buy airtime and data. Additionally, a borrower can repay loans in installments to reduce interest charges and improve their credit score.

Fairmoney is a Nigerian fintech that provides unsecured personal loans to individuals and small businesses. The company has more than 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store, and claims to offer fast loans with no documentation or collateral required. In addition, it offers a savings product that pays an 18% annual interest rate on deposits. This is similar to the rates offered by neobanks like PayForce and Palmcredit.

100 Free Bank Transfers Monthly

Fairmoney is the number 1 most downloaded fintech app with a solid reputation and thousands of positive reviews. The app offers a range of financial tools that help the average Nigerian take control of their life and finances.

Unlike traditional banks, which deduct money every time you withdraw cash from your account, Fairmoney has no such fees. This means that you can save more and get access to your funds at any time without paying a single penny.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that people prefer to use the Fairmoney app for their banking needs. The platform’s innovative features include a free secure debit card, 3% discount on airtime and data purchase, an instant cash transfer feature, bill payment services, free bank transfers monthly, easy loans in 5mins, and zero per cent interest on the first 15day loan. Fairmoney also allows users to earn discounts on loan repayments through their referral program. The company is dedicated to improving the lives of Nigerians by providing innovative and accessible banking solutions.

0% Interest on your first 15day loan

Fairmoney is a loan application that allows you to borrow money at anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t require collateral or a guarantor, unlike other financial services platforms. New customers on the platform will receive a 0% interest on their first 15day loan.

The lender offers flexible loan repayment periods and provides reliable customer support. Borrowers can also increase their loan amount by making timely repayments. Good borrowing behaviours can improve a borrower’s credit score and boost their chances of getting higher loan amounts in the future.

If you’re interested in using fairmoney, you can get started by downloading the app from Play Store. During the registration, be sure to apply the referral code MCUKP when asked for it. This will give you N500 for every person you refer who successfully applies and gets approved for their first loan with the platform. This is a great way to make money online without much effort. Good luck! 🙂